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Valentine’s Day Style Tips for both Men and Women

Valentine’s Day is one of those days were you make a perfect excuse to put on a sexy outfit and hit the city/town with out causing a total destruction. If not the day of spreading love, then when?

Below are some style tips that will definitely make you have an amazing day.

To look alluring show some skin; Most men definitely do agree on this one. In order for us Valentine's Day - Kfashionugas women to catch most of their attention in a sexy manner, some skin has to be exposed. I recommend a v-neckline, longer slits and open backs. Not only do our men keep their eyes on only us but this also makes us tremendously flawless.

Focus on one area; trying to highlight all of our body parts gets a little uneasy my friend! Ladies and gentlemen lets not exaggerate our looks. For example I wouldn’t advise a woman to put on a skimpy dress with an open back yet it has a long v-neckline. Like really?? For men, yes I would want to see your awesome body build but one thing at a time!

Try to avoid too much tightness; too much tightness gets uncomfortable and can destroy confidence. Fitting is what to go with. A fitting pair of pants and shirt can do for a stylish man and for the ladies fitting dresses do the magic. Wanting a black dress? Read how to rock in your next black dress.

Accompany your attire with sexy accessories; nothing looks sexier than a classy watch on a mans wrist and a fully thought of belt surrounding his waist. You can complement your attire with a stylish cap too. A Sexy pair of earrings, beautiful necklace and so on are lucky charms my ladies.

Valentine's Day - Kfashionug

Adjusting the make-up; aren’t you tired of looking the same? Here is an opportunity of looking all new without being questioned. Looking new gives your partner new excitement. Plaiting a different hairstyle for ladies and cutting a different but nice hair style for men. This cuts the monotony in looks that gets boring with time.

Presents or gifts spice up the end; we all love gifts especially from the people we love dearly. Be thoughtful and selective when choosing a gift. Following your partners interests and desires direct you to a nice present. It doesn’t need to be so expensive, do not let money be an excuse for your failure to get your partner a present.

Most importantly, always dress for the occasion; is it a classy restaurant or a random bar? Know what fits in. Always be confident for its the best accessory. Whenever I look at a confident man I cannot help but admire. I instantly envy the lucky woman he calls his wife.


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