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Natural Beauty Tips for Men and Women by Ifunanya Mokwuah

Hello, are you tired of spending $$$ on acne treatments, or tired of the frequent pimples on your face, or want to know natural ways to clear up your skin instead of using harsh chemicals?†Iím here to the rescue!
My acne story: I never had serious acne, I would get a pimple or two once a month, but what I hated about my skin was after the pimple left I had acne scars (dark spots where the pimple was) I didnít know how to treat it, I tried just about every product you could think of to help combat my acne and also treat my serious discoloration. If I spent another dime on a cleanser, facial mask, or discoloration cream that didnít work, I was going to scream. I started doing my own research and found out that natural products not only worked better, were inexpensive, and great for my skin and body because it was natural and contained no harsh chemicals. Iím here to give you some beauty tricks and tips I have used that has not only changed my skin but others as well.
1) Most important tip, is†Drink Water!†You need to be hydrated, try to drink up to 8 glasses a day, it seems like a lot but it isnít. My favorites are:
Lemon water†= detox body, clears skin, weight loss, balances ph, boost immune system, blood purifier, and helps with throat infections
Cucumber water= digestive benefits, weight loss, and natural remedy for headaches
2) Get up to 8 hours of sleep, your body needs to be well rested.
3) Wash your face twice a day, morning and night
4) Try Lemon and Honey Mask, cut a lemon in half, squeeze the juice, and add a teaspoon of honey. Apply on face for 20 minutes and rinse off with cold water. Great for clear acne and lighten discoloration, and gives you a natural glow. (can be also applied on the lips as well to lighten them)
5) Apple cider vinegar is a natural toner with frequent use can help clear acne and fade dark spots caused by acne scars. Use a cotton ball, dab a little of the ACV on the cotton ball and apply to face or area affected, can be done Morning and Night.
6) Eat†bananas! They give you energy, increase happiness, provide a ton of potassium, and make your skin glow!
7) Cucumber slices, Black teabags, or ice over your eyes helps to reduce puffiness and darkness. Leave on for 10 minutes with your eyes shut and relax. (play some music, you will get bored. Believe me)
8) Eat more†strawberries! It contains Salicylic acid which helps fight acne. You could also mash it up in a bowl, add honey, and make a great face mask, leave on for 20 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.
9) Run and exercise! Studies show that when you exercise you age more slowly because of natural human growth hormones released during vigorous activity
10) Lighten Acne Scars: Dab fresh lemon/lime juice on affected areas 2x daily for 30 minutes. Then rinse with warm water
11) Cinnamon and Honey Mask is a great Anti-Acne mask,†helps to remove pimples from the root and clear skin!
12) Facial yoga, EXERCISE THOSE FACE MUSCLES!! so that your skin doesnít sag, stays younger looking and more firm. You can check out Youtube for different Facial yoga techniques videos.
13) A daily cup of green tea keeps you†wrinkle-free! Green tea is 200 times more powerful than Vitamin E at healing damaged skin.
15) Exfoliate 1-2 weekly! It will remove dead skin cells, dirt, & oilÖand will leave your skin baby soft!
16) At night, massage olive oil on your skin, it works deep in the skin to hydrate it without clogging your pores, when you wake up your skin will be my softer and smoother.
17) Stop comparing yourself to celebrities or other people, they are people too and get acne. You donít know, they are probably reading this article right now! The worst thing we do is compare ourselves to others.
Our skin are all different, what works for some people might not work for you but Iím telling you, if you follow and use my tips FREQUENTLY you will see a change in your face. Create a routine, and stick with it! Thatís the problem most people have, in order for these things to work you canít try it once or twice and because you donít see immediate results right there and then, give up!†NO!†Your skin/body needs time to work and get used to it, once that happens you will start seeing the changes. I guarantee it.

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