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It’s Important to have several Facial Expressions

Most models in photography modelling give a lot of attention to the way a model poses and dresses. But little or no attention is given to facial expressions.
Expressions will make or break a photo shoot. Photos will be soulless and they will tell nothing if you have a plain face. It is suggested that every model has a couple of expressions, which he/she is good at.
That way it gives character and meaning to your photos. This article describes some of the very basic facial expressions, which you as a model should attempt to capture in order to have an amazing photo shoot.

You can work on facial expressions by practising them in a mirror. Everything you feel has to be reflected on your face, and models need to be adept at projecting all the major emotions. Make a list of key emotions (love, hate, sorrow, joy etc.) and practise expressing each emotion in front of a mirror. After you have practised for a while, try out your skills on a friend and see if they can tell what emotion you are conveying.
To improve the overall facial expressions when posing for a photo shoot, you should use your hands, palms and fingers in a way that compliments and maximizes your expressions. The chin can be held in both palms of the hands or head leaned over one palm of the hand. The head can be rested on both hands too.



Here you should let your mind drift and isolate yourself from your surroundings. You should look deep within you and come face to face with your worst fears and heart aches.
In order to bring out the best emotions you should feel them rather than act them. Your facial expressions should be tense and stressed. With this, Palm of the hand can be held over the mouth or touching your head.

Happiness should be a straight forward and easy emotion to get across in your photos. Think of enjoyable moments with your family and friends, or funny situations that keep bringing a smile on your face.
You can run your fingers through your hair or hands can be held over the tummy when laughing out loud.
For many models it comes naturally while others have to put more work in it. Most of the expressions should be transmitted through the eyes and the tilting of the head. Make sure your facial expression hints lust-fullness and seductiveness.
Another way to work on your facial expression, fingers can touch softly the lips with mouth parted. Your fingers can touch delicately other parts of the face like the cheek or the neck to get the best of facial expression.
Models with a background in acting and dancing, usually find it very easy to express a wide range of emotions through their face and body. If you work closely with your model, it makes sense to work towards perfecting these expressions.
To improve your smiling skills, position yourself in front of a mirror and practise the following steps.

Put your lips together without moving them. Look at your face in the mirror, concentrating on the eyes. At first, they’re lifeless. Now lift up the corners of your mouth and watch your eyes come alive.

To create a smile, say “MMM” without opening your mouth. No teeth should be showing. Don’t forget to turn the corners of your mouth up.

To create a broader smile, say “MMM” again with your mouth still closed and again, don’t forget to turn up the corners of the mouth.

This time say “ME”, whilst opening your mouth and showing your teeth but keeping it soft. Next say “ME” again, this time with a big smile showing all your teeth.

When you say “HEY,” you produce a very natural facial expression. Say “HEY” and hold it – you will notice your tongue is coming forward and your lips are apart. Now try it again, saying “HEY” with a smiling expression.

Create a gaunt look by saying the word “POOR”, keeping the lips very soft and sultry and holding for a few seconds.

To achieve an open and happy laugh try saying “HAA”, remembering to focus your gaze on someone or something to avoid a “lifeless” look.


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