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Nigeria’s Rising Model: Adaora Stephanie

Let me introduce to you one of Nigeria’s rising models, Adaora Stephanie who has been a model since 2013. She is 5’11” tall with a high competitive edge in the world of high fashion. She fits perfectly in our –I am A Model series because she has made it big as a model despite of all the challenges that have come her way.

From runway jobs to magazine features, Stephanie has been awarded as the Best Female Model 2015 (Fashion Meets Music Awards – Nigeria) and Super Model of the year 2016 (Xperience Womanity Awards – Nigeria).


How it all started out for Stephanie as a model.

It all started out for Stephanie after her high school with a deep passion for modeling which later strengthened after she stumbled across “America’s Next Top Model” on TV.

“I got so much addicted to modeling the moment I started watching America’s Next Top Model in 2009. The hardest part was it seemed impossible for me to become a model since I was growing up in an environment where there was no opportunity for such and also having a very strict, disciplined and religious family thatnever supported the idea made it even harder.

I had to be patient till I entered college where I had my freedom and then through networking I met creative minds, enrolled with an agency and got well groomed.” Says Stephanie

Break through as a model

“As some roads are smooth and others rough, it took me extra dedication, extra commitment, hard work, patience & perseverance to breakthrough as a model. I sacrificed a lot of TIME (time for school, time for being with my family, work time even my leisure time to get where I am now.”adds Stephanie

Model Adaora Stephanie


Being a model to me isn’t..

To me being a model isn’t just about the glamour, luxury & fame. Its about living a positive life, having a good attitude and being a good role model because a lot of people look up to us (models). Being a model has made it easy for me to influence people around me positively.

First thing I do when I wake up?

I always pray, check my emails and messages for information /updates immediately when I wake up in the morning.

What is your idea of beauty? What would you change about yourself if you could?

Beauty to me is all about having confidence, a positive attitude and a good personality. Honestly, I wouldn’t change anything about me.

Model Adaora Stephanie


When there are no cameras or many people watching me

I be exactly who I am; playful, sensitive, always surfing on the internet, meditating, engrossed on fashion TV and fashion magazines.

How I market myself as a model.

I market myself through networking, social media, part taking in different events with the assistance of my agency. My agency is always there for me but I handle my finances

My inspiration

I see all successful top models as a big inspiration because seeing them successful pushes me into doing better each day.


Model Adaora Stephanie


Challenges I have faced as a model

I have mostly faced criticism, rejection and discrimination.

Handling hard times

During hard times, I read inspirational books /quotes from great people like Rick warren and Les Brown. Doing that makes me feel a lot better, hopeful, more focused and inspired. All in all, God’s word keeps me going.

In the next 2 years.
My vision is to be a successful international model through which I will inspire and create positive impact in my country’s fashion industry. In the next 2 years, I see myself doing so much better than now.




Things I do to be happy

I love watching comedy movies/clips, listening to music, sightseeing and spending quality time with my loved ones.

My best moment as a model
It was when I got recognized, acknowledged & awarded twice as Best Female Model of the year. But generally whenever am on the runway, I always feel fulfilled.


Model Adaora Stephanie


What I would like changed in my country’s modeling industry?

I would love to see reduction in favouritism that has eaten deep into the fashion industry so as there are more opportunities for potential young ones.

Model Adaora Stephanie


Do you think having a role model is a must? Why?

Yes. I think having a role model is a must because apart from God, one needs someone greater to look up to for motivation and inspiration to work for a better life.



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Kelvin Ngabo is a fashion writer, entrepreneur, IT expert and model manager based in Kampala, Uganda. He is also a professional web designer and online marketing consultant . The urge to be successful is what keeps him motivated.

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Kelvin Ngabo is a fashion writer, entrepreneur, IT expert and model manager based in Kampala, Uganda. He is also a professional web designer and online marketing consultant . The urge to be successful is what keeps him motivated.