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How to make your accessories look like a million bucks

Accessories and outfits go hand in hand and if one of them goes wrong, then everything turns bad. To standout, you’ve got to know which accessory works best with what kind of outfit.

Here are some tips to help you make your accessories look like a million bucks.


Are you a ring person? Yes? Okay. Imagine you’re late to a date but you misplaced most of your rings yet they are what you wanted to wear. Who says you have to wear them like Egyptians?

Well, just wear the 3 or 2 you have and add a visible wrist band to make your rings pop. I hope your nails are in check too and not out there looking bitten and lacking calcium.


Know your face shape. Ray bands are the commonest kind and go with so many shapes of faces which I’d advise you to go with. Owl shapes usually work for long oval faces while retro shades work for round faces. Oversized glasses are also major key because they are high fashion and bring immediate attention to the person wearing them. Have your hair looking good and rock those shades for that’s when they shine best. Read: How to


What I like about watches is that they give an exotic look and they go with many outfits be it office wear or casual. They stand out when worn over blazers or over folded sleeved shirts regardless of the color of the watch.


Earrings stand out best with the right kind of hairstyle. Big loops go best with big afro. They also go well with an up-do which gives you an outstanding but chic look. Cute small pins in stars and dolphin shapes are on vogue but make sure your hair is not covering them so they bring attention to you. These also look best on those who have three or more piercings.

Neck wear:

Long pendants look best when worn over a nice casual shirt or top preferably of a solid color for pendants made in iron form hanging loosely from a cloth or rubber string. Put in mind the kind of neckline of your blouse or shirt because different pendants work for different necklines.

Girls, boyfriend jeans with cute slipper heels are the way to go! Such an outfit will have that handmade piece lookin’ like a bag of money. If you’re clad in an off shoulder top, pull out that bold coloured piece, hold your hair behind or up in a bun so it shines.

Remember, you look good, you feel good! Hope I’ve helped.


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