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8 Makeup Tips for Girls who Wear Glasses

Bring out your looks by wearing the right glasses and complimenting #makeup that makes eyes reflective behind the frames.
Here are some tips that will definitely help you flaunt chic looks:

Bold lipstick colours such as red, orange, dark pink make for a gorgeous and stylish look.

Pick the right glasses with coloured and trendy frames. Do not choose very small or very large glasses because they may mess up your looks. Reconcile your face shape with the frame shape:

             Broad-shaped frames — Oval face
            Square-shaped —- Round Face
            Large Frame —- Heart-shaped Face
            Flat at top and round at bottom — Square-shaped face

Use Eyeshadows that compliment your skin tone and dress should be preferred.

Contour face with a neutral, lighter foundation for a natural look. Blend foundation in small circular strokes covering all facial contours for an even application. Excess foundation may cake on the frame.

Thicken eyelashes with mascara. Use a waterproof mascara to prevent smudges. Curl eyelashes to make them appear longer and voluminous.

If the frames are thin, highlight eyes with thin eyeliner strokes. Thicker eyeliner looks well on thicker frames.

Blush tones up your cheeks. Use a natural lighter blush for a sophisticated appearance.

Conceal eyes to reduce dark circles, spectacles marks, eye bags. Doing so makes eyes more noticeable.

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Interview with freelance Makeup artist- Omotolani Shokeye

Interview with Freelance Makeup Artist- Omotolani Shokeye
 - April 10, 2015 

Meet Omotolani Shokeye, a Nigeria born freelance makeup artist based in London, United Kingdom.

[pullquote] I always remind myself to never stop aiming for more success, to strive for better, to learn from all experiences and always remember why I started.[/pullquote]




Omotolani Shokeye’s insight into what inspires her, what she loves most about being a makeup artist and inspirational words to all aspiring makeup artists. She is a Nigeria born Freelance makeup artist based in London (UK)

 Q.  How long have you been doing makeup professionally and how did you get started?
I have been working as a professional makeup artist for three years. I have always taken an interest in how I and others around me look. Before I started professionally, I had done makeup on my siblings and friends for special occasions.
Enhancing beauty is what gives me joy. Compliments received through family and friends I had applied make up on made me make the decision to become a professional. I had no other option than to make a living in what makes me and those around me happy.
Q. What do you love most about doing makeup?
I love every stage in the process of makeup application. What really gets me emotional is the priceless smile on my client faces after looking in the mirror, and the warm, tight hugs that express more than words can.
Q. What sets you apart from other makeup artists?
Although I respect every makeup artist doing this professionally and otherwise, I do not compare my work with anyone else’s. We all bring a piece of ourselves, our experiences and our creativity to our work and this is what makes all makeup artists unique. 
Q. Where do you primarily work, and how far will you travel?
I am currently based in London and cover there primarily however, I am available to travel all round Europe and Africa, even the world, if my clients are willing to pay for travel expenses.
Q. Do you do a trial run or consultation?
Yes, I do. It’s preferred as it helps me get to know my client better, see what works on different skin types and experiment with colours, textures, outfits and lighting.
Q. What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to women?
I’d advice a woman to believe in her inner beauty. You can only feel beautiful outside if you believe you are on the inside.
Q. Can you cover tattoos, tan lines, acne, birthmarks, etc.?
Yes. That comes as a part of my job. I often come across clients that need their tattoos, acne etc covered.
Q. Why did you choose this profession?
As mentioned before, enhancing beauty gives me joy. I chose this profession because I am passionate about it. If you choose to do what you love professionally, all challenges become adventurous.  
Q. Today’s woman is busier than ever. What is the easiest/quickest way to turn a day’s work look into something that works for night out?
Changing a lipstick colour can change the whole look of a woman. Applying natural looking makeup (with no eye lash extensions) during the day then changing it with a hot colour lipstick and eyelash extensions for night out can make a massive difference.
Q. What three makeup items should no woman leave home without?
A- Lipstick, B- Mascara, C- Compact bronzer
Q. What has been the biggest challenge of your career?
Time management. Working with highly reputable clients that have just few minutes to get ready for their big day can be quite challenging but I am always ready to overcome the challenges. 
Q. Any word to aspiring artists out there?
I have few words I tell myself first. If aspiring artists find it useful then I’m glad to have helped.
I am on a journey and I am nowhere near where I want to be. I always remind myself to never stop aiming for more success, to strive for better, to learn from all experiences and always remember why I started. I must keep working hard to improve. And enjoy every second of what I do. A second wasted is a second lost and I have too much to achieve to waste any second!

Contact  Omotolani

32 Henrietta close, Greenwich, London. SE8 3EJ

+44 7903 380091

Open 24 Hours


Facebook page 


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It is hard to find a light shade of powder that matches very well with enhanced skins.
Our powder shades: PP#10, PP#09, PP#08.
They are designed with a yellow undertone to match each color complexion perfectly!


This powder can be used alone to cover facial imperfections. Call it a Picture Perfect foundation powder. Dry but with a thick pigment to cover very well.

The powder has the ability to sink into the skin leaving your skin dry, smooth, moist and clean.


It is perfect for oily skins due to its dry finish. It absorbs the oil giving a very healthy beautiful glow.


The powder stays on the face all day. Looking Flawless! Even when you sweat!


Get a picture perfect look after applying the powder. It’s amazing for taking photos at night, selfies & photo shoots.


Use it as a finishing powder to set your foundation leaving you looking extra ordinary!




At BOLD Acacia Mall Kisementi, Shop F1.07. First Floor next to cinema.
JUMIA Online Shopping – Fashion, Electronics and more
Free Delivery: Call/Whatsapp:
0750 584 943/ 0782 846 759


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Beauty Tips Make UP Makeup Tips-Paramour


Most ladies have eye-makeup done wonderfully, blush applied perfectly, foundation is flawless until you see her lips and they are either basically erased or filled up with an unflattering color. Lipsticks should only be worn if they flatter you – the right lipstick shade will be able to give you almost a face lift, enhancing your skin tone and making your eyes look brighter.

1. Match Undertones: (Cool = not bright, Warm = Bright):
Believe it or not, lipstick colors tend to have undertones too. They might have a cool or warm undertone just like your skin or foundation has. The trick is in deciding what undertone the lipstick is and then knowing what undertone you are and then matching the two. A cool undertone on warm skin can look like an ashy mess and a warm undertone on cool skin might look a little weird too.
2. Types of finishes:
Lipsticks have different finishes and not all tubes of glory were created equal. Here are a few different types of finishes and a few tips and tricks to using them for different situations.
Matte Lipsticks – Matte lipticks usually have a powdery finish and are great to make that poster finish. They’re dense, last the longest and are partially known for being a little drying. If you have dry and flakly lips no matter how many lip scrubs you’ve taken, matte lipstcks are not for you. They will emphasize the flakes on your lips which isn’t a hot look.
Sheer Lipsticks – Sheer lipsticks are semi-transparent colors that are great for everyday. They tend to have a semi-gloss finish that makes it more moisturising. If you are looking to add just a tinge of color, try going sheer. However, if you know that the color will make your look, you might want to opt for something else.
Amplified Lipsticks/Lip Tars – These are the most pigmented forms of lippies. If you’re looking to create that Classic Holiday Look or Katy Perry’s hot pink lips for an event or a costume party, then these lipsticks will really put a boost. They’re more long lasting and can even semi-stain your lips so remember when removing.
3. What Characteristics do I judge it on?
When reviewing lipsticks, there are three characteristics that you should really look for in a good lipstick. I want to know about it’s texture, lasting power and color payoff. The texture should be smooth, silky and not dry. It should also last a while, Lipstick that won’t make you look like a vain pot when out and will need constant re-application. At least stick around for a few hours. Also really look at color payoff. A good lipstick like a good shadow will produce great color payoff.
4. Put the lipstick to your face:
At the store, What you should tend to do and what makes a great tip is to just put the lipstick to your face, not on it. That way you can see whether the lip color matches your undertone.
5. Lip shades best for different Skin tones:
It’s a fact that different lip shades are best for different skin tones or rather different shades of lips, here’s a quick guide for selecting lip colors according to the natural color of your lips.
 Pale lips – beiges, sand pinks, light corals, pale pinks or bright reds.
 Medium lips – brown, pale rose, pink, oranges, warm reds. 
 Dark lips – browns, deep reds, plums, deep chocolate, or deep berry colors. 
 Too toned lips – chocolate, blackberry, deep plums, deep raisins and deep reds.
Buy our products at:
BOLD, Acacia Mall Kisementi. Shop F1.07 first floor next to cinema. (Free Testers)
JUMIA Online Shopping – Fashion, Electronics and more
Free delivery:
/0782 846 759 / 0750 584 943.
Stay Beautiful!

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Make UP makeup Artist

So you want to be a make-up artist?


Do you have any advice for aspiring make-up artists?

Doing make-up for film and television can be exciting, challenging and rewarding. There are, however, many points to consider if you want to pursue a career in this part of the industry. Let’s look at the pros and cons, starting with the cons.
1. There are More Make-up Artists Than There are Jobs.
It’s a simple matter of supply and demand. The film and television make-up fields in the United States, England and Canada are so crowded that if no new artists came along in the next 10 years, it would still be possible to make the same number of movies, TV shows and commercials using just the make-up artists we have now. To succeed, you have to think like a professional athlete: If you are going to train and compete, your goal is to beat your competitor. Unfortunately, when you make the team, someone else may get cut.
2. Work Can Be Sporadic 
Most make-up artists do not have as much work as they would like. You might be off for weeks or months.
3. The Hours Are Long
When you are working, plan on 12- to 16-hour shifts five to six days a week. And these might not happen during the day—they might be at night, or during both day and night. Working in film can be like joining the army. Production owns you until they are through with you. You don’t know when you can go home until it’s time to go, which is also when you find out your call time for the next day. You cannot plan for anything in your personal life during the week. If you work episodic television, you will work about 70 hours a week. Many nights you will just get your turn-around, which is a union term for the minimum time between your wrap and your next call time. This usually equates to nine hours for crew. That means you have nine hours to drive home, sleep, shower and drive back ready for work.
4. Locations Can Be Remote
You may have to live in a hotel away from family and friends for up to six months to a year. This may sound exciting at first, but after a month or so, your opinion may change—ask any traveling  salesperson.
If these industry realities are not what you had in mind, there still many jobs for make-up artists outside the entertainment industry, including print and photography, salons, retail and manufacturing, just to name a few. Another option is volunteer work, which can give you artistic fulfillment without all the hassles of professional work. Theaters, churches and student films need make-up artists all the time. However, if you still want to make your living doing make-up in film and television, even after hearing all this, I encourage you to do the following:
1. Be an excellent make-up artist. 
We don’t need anymore mediocre ones.
2. Make sure you get good training. 
Make-up schools are only as good as their teachers. Check out our school directory page for a list of schools worldwide, and our article on how to choose the best make-up school for you.
3. Be informed.
Get how-to and reference books and DVDs from the Make-Up Artist Shop, along with a subscription to Make-Up Artist magazine. It’s the voice of the make-up industry, with great interviews, news and techniques from working professionals. Our websites, and, are great places to read the latest industry news, expert advice and more. Social networking is also a great way to learn from other artists. Being part of our online community will help you learn, network and share questions and information with other people who are passionate about make-up artistry. You will find us on Facebook (Make-Up Artistand and Twitter.
4. Attend the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show
Six times per year, in six cities worldwide, we offer the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show, which features keynote presentations, classes, demos and more from the best artists in the business. You can get more education in one IMATS weekend than you can during a month anywhere else. IMATS is also a great place to network, which makes a major difference in your career


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