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6 Travel Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

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We love a little spontaneity, but sometimes it’s good to plan for those bumps in the road: Dead cell phones, Wi-Fi wastelands, hotels without gyms (le gasp!). And while you may always remember to pack your toothbrush and extra undies, there are also a few items you might not even realize you should bring.
Get ahead of the curve with a carry-on full of nifty #travel gear and enjoy the gratification of watching your less-prepared travel companions struggle. Who’s neurotic now, guys?
1. The Most Functional Passport Case
Add a little bit of protection to your passport with a leather case. Add a lot of ease to your airport journey by organizing your passport, money, credit cards, and boarding pass all in one place with the stylish La Route Du Bonheur Passport Case. It also has a pen holder, convenient for filling out customs forms mid-flight or doodling until the Benadryl kicks in and whisks you off to dreamland.

2. Solar Window Charger
It’s bad enough when your phone dies at home, but when you’re traveling and can’t find an outlet, or your international adapter’s gone AWOL, it’s a different kind of a nightmare. This genius little charger is 100% solar-powered; all you need is a window — on a train, in a car, or in your room — and boom: You’ve got juice. It’s both convenient and environmentally friendly.

3. Inflatable Wine Bag
Nearing the end of your Eurotrip? Don’t toss the rest of that Bordeaux just yet. Stock up on these inflatable wine bags, which protect your precious vino from heavy-handed TSA agents and bumpy flights alike. Plus, once you get home, you can alleviate your post-vacation blues with a drink (or several).

4. Workout In A Bag
We 100% support indulging while traveling — when in Rome, eat all the bread. But if you want to balance things out with a little bit of exercise, this small and lightweight mini-gym is perfect for a workout on the go. The kit includes an exercise band, resistance tube, jump rope, and a door attachment, as well as an exercise library of over 250 strength, flexibility, and cardio moves.

5. Upgraded Smartphone Lens
If you’re hoping to capture quality photos but you’re hesitant to pack your fragile DSLR, consider this Sony Smartphone-Attachable Lens-Style Camera. The device turns your phone into a 10x zoom camera, and easily connects over Wi-Fi. No need for a mass photo upload — snap beautiful shots and edit them instantly.

Sony DSC-QX10/W Smartphone Attachable 4.45-44.5mm Lens-Style Camera, $198, available at Amazon.

6. Portable Hotspot
Never miss an Instagram opportunity again with Tep Pocket Wi-Fi. Instead of paying exorbitant roaming fees, get 10 full days of instant Wi-Fi access anywhere in Europe for $99.50 with this handy portable hotspot. Tep — which you rent for the duration of your trip, rather than having to buy another gadget — allows you to wirelessly connect up to five devices simultaneously. More importantly, you’ll never have to wander around looking for a Wi-Fi signal when you should be out enjoying your trip.

Tep Pocket Wi-Fi, $99.50, available at Tep Wireless.


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