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8 Style Tips for Women With Big Boobs

I have met many women with big boobs having problems in the style stakes. My immediate advice to them has always been; “do not hide your bust away, you can show off your form without your boobs spilling out.”

When done well, you can look incredibly sexy and amazing and inspiring in an envious way, the kind of sexy that every woman envies.

Here are some of the style tips I came up with to help all women with big boobs.

1. Get the right bra;

The bra is the most important item of clothing for a large breasted lady. The right bra will not only accentuate your bust and provide better support but also make the rest of your clothes sit and look better. A perfectly fitting bra is advisable; choose the one designed to support a large chest.

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2. Avoid high necklines and halter necks;

Turtle necks and high rounded necks should unarguably be avoided by ladies with big breasts. These lead to appearance of a uni-boob which is flattering to no one! Likewise halter necks make big breasts appear bigger than they are and its often harder to wear a suitable supportive bra underneath. Try to stick to scoop-neck styles to minimize your chest size and highlight your decolletage.

3. Stick to scoops and V-necks;

This is remedy to the uni-boob. Scoops and V-necks create and expanse of skin between your neck and bust, making the bust look smaller. You should try to wear a V-neck because it draws the eye down and helps to lengthen the overall silhouette

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4. Embrace wrap dresses and tops;

Dressing in wraps gives the big chest space for expansion as its almost impossible to buy unfitting wrap attires. It gives chance for you to adjust the tightness of the dress or top without incurring expenses with tailors.


5. Choose thicker straps;

All dresses and tops must have thick straps to comfortably carry your chest. Spaghetti straps should be avoided at all costs since they exaggerate the appearance of the bust. They don’t provide much support either.


6. Reduce bulk on your body;

Phase out lapels, double breasted coats and always wear fitted jackets. Any unnecessary bulk to your top half exaggerating the appearance of your bust. Stick to single breasted styles because the reverse can be unflattering to a large bust!


7. Define your waist;

Its important to highlight your waist, more so if you are petite. Wearing baggy style tops that hang-off your boobs gives you a much bigger stomach than you actually have. Build a solid belt collection for your waist, tucking in big shirts can also nicely define your waist.


8. Opt for vertical stripes on your top half to lengthen your upper body and slim;

This will make your chest appear small. Prefer two piece attires like skirts, pants and tops to dresses; this is because the upper body is not the same size as the lower body and most importantly, figure out what is most flattering for your body type. The right outfit will surely make you feel amazing!


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