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8 Makeup Tips for Girls who Wear Glasses

Black Woman wearing glasses

Bring out your looks by wearing the right glasses and complimenting that makes eyes reflective behind the frames.

Here are some tips that will definitely help you flaunt chic looks:

  • Bold lipstick colours such as red, orange, dark pink make for a gorgeous and stylish look.
  • Pick the right glasses with coloured and trendy frames. Do not choose very small or very large glasses because they may mess up your looks. Reconcile your face shape with the frame shape:

             Broad-shaped frames — Oval face

            Square-shaped —- Round Face

            Large Frame —- Heart-shaped Face

            Flat at top and round at bottom — Square-shaped face

  • Use Eyeshadows that compliment your skin tone and dress should be preferred.
  • Contour face with a neutral, lighter foundation for a natural look. Blend foundation in small circular strokes covering all facial contours for an even application. Excess foundation may cake on the frame.
  • Thicken eyelashes with mascara. Use a waterproof mascara to prevent smudges. Curl eyelashes to make them appear longer and voluminous.
  • If the frames are thin, highlight eyes with thin eyeliner strokes. Thicker eyeliner looks well on thicker frames.
  • Blush tones up your cheeks. Use a natural lighter blush for a sophisticated appearance.
  • Conceal eyes to reduce dark circles, spectacles marks, eye bags. Doing so makes eyes more noticeable.


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