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5 ways on how to balance your work life with your personal life

If you’re finding it more challenging than ever to balance the loads of your job and the rest of your life, you’re not alone.In today’s “do more with less” competitive reality, how can we manage careers and relationships, and feel satisfied with both?

work life balance

The 5 tips outlined in this article are designed to help you restore the balance and harmony in your work and personal lives, so you can enjoy both to the paramount.

1. Schedule some down time; work without play makes jack a dull boy. Find time for yourself; will a night with your spouse recharge your batteries? Play some ball with your mates, go for a walk, swimming is also something to relax us a bit. A friend once mentioned that sauna and steam bath bring back the lost magic. This not only makes you jealously admired but also more fruitful both at work and in personal relationships.

work life balance


2. Rearrange the work schedule; you dont need to do each and everything, delegate! A senior manager can always give subordinates a chance. This leaves us with time for ourselves and reduces stress that comes with the work load.


3. Develop healthy patterns and exercises; I believe it starts with the mornings, the best way to start your day? Read; five morning practices to help you have a good day. Eating healthy is paramount and at the right time top that up with a healthy jog in the evening. Many of my working friends prefer playing their favourite sports as a form of exercise. Doing this saves us from numerous heart diseases plus giving us those amazing bodies we admire.

4. Separate work from play while managing procrastination; first things first! Create clear boundaries between work and personal life by drawing timetables. Mixing work and play leads to procrastination a thief of time. We usually take longer to perform certain tusks when we mix work and play.

5. Remember a little relaxation goes along way; after all the work plus ups and downs cool down, sit, and relax. We do this by watching a movie, ooh! And lovely shower to run all the tiredness down the drain. We do this to regenerate the brain to fully prepare us for the next tusks.


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