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5 Simple Steps to Avoid a Bad Hair day

As a woman, it would be amazing to walk out of our front doors every day feeling like we just marched out of a TV commercial. Sadly, we cant have perfect hair all the time though we can make sure one thing happens: Never having a bad hair day.

Bad hair days are not new to us as women. Once in a while we have had them and we would do just anything to stop them from ever happening again. Wouldn’t you?

Here are some of the tricks you can use to avoid a bad hair day. You might already know them but you haven’t put them into action.

Wash it.

The first step in avoiding a bad hair day is to wash your hair especially by spending more time on the scalp so as to remove the dirt brought by dead cells and the oil you apply in your hair. Make sure you thoroughly rinse out the shampoo and conditioner. The latter helps to prevent your hair from being sticky and greasy. After doing this, your hair will look spectacular!

Clean your hair tools.

Dirty hair tools will definitely make your hair look dirty. You can’t expect your hair to look beautiful if your brushes and combs are coated with dirt which can easily be trapped into your hair! Therefore take time to clean your hair tools when you notice them starting to get dirty.

Style it.

Learning hairstyles that work well for you and your hair type will save you a turn. You don’t have to learn all the hairstyles in the world. Just practice and master around three that will make you look chic even when your hair is misbehaving.

Learn your hair products.

I used to choose hair products according to their fragrance and nothing else but I couldn’t get the results I wanted not until I started using the right shampoo and conditioner for my hair type. This really put me out of the bad hair day clique. When you choose the right products for your hair, styling it will be easier! Amazing right?

Lastly, wear a hat.


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