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5 Safe Ways To Lighten Your Skin without bleaching



We all love our skin complexions in their diverse shades, darker, lighter. But its alarming and very uncomfortable when you find yourself shades or a shade darker.

The first thing most people do is rush to the nearest cosmetic shop and buy whatever says skin lightening. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM HYDROQUINONE.

One way to stop something is by eliminatingwhat causes it.


What causes darkening?

  • The sun . Surely I never thought this would affect my African skin but it does and the effect is noticeable by everyone ..i mean shades darker.
  • Shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil I know many will disagree with me but trust me much as they are wonderful in moisturizing and rejuvenating they make your a bit darker.
  • Age.You become wiser with age but your skin complexion only gets darker.

Ways to get a lighter or maintaining a skin complexion without bleaching.

  1. AHA ( ALPHA HYDROXY ACIDS) These are natural acids extracted from plants and they lighten your complexion without harming your skin. AHA based beauty products really lighten you so if youre looking for a total change in your complexion go for it. Another advantage of AHAs is it helps fight acne .However remember to accompany with a sun screen because AHA makes your skin very soft and more sensitive.



2. PAPAYA (Pawpaw ) since way back then our grannies used to prepare brides with pawpaw flowers for a month to make their skins lighter and softer but now thanks to technology we have lotions , creams, scrubs and soaps.


3. CARROT OIL, creams, lotions with carrot oil combats the sun damage effects on your skin and even smoothen those fine lines, takes you back to your original complexion, regenerates and renews your skin

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4. ALOE VERA, This is a favorite of many because of its multi beneficial healthy functions. Aloe Vera will keep the skin moisturized, has healing properties and will surely give you a brighter, lighter complexion. It is actually a miracle plant.



5. LOVE:love yourself and surely your complexion will glow and everyone will notice. Nothing works magic like love for your skin complexion.


Please, please dont bleach your beautiful skin.Stay away from anything with hydroquinone even if its 2%

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About the author

Naturinda Brenda

Naturinda Brenda is an author of a book titled "Fair Enough" on wattpad and also a fashion writer for

About Author

Naturinda Brenda

Naturinda Brenda is an author of a book titled "Fair Enough" on wattpad and also a fashion writer for