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5 Amazing KONA Fashion Products to Fall in love with.

From time to time, we all look for ways to improve our looks by either testing out a few things with our fashion style or make a lot of tedious research. With this particular article, we have taken the opportunity to light a bulb on the products that can add a flicker of African touch to your fashion statement. Its not only about the latter but It would be great if you got to own something beautiful and great, something to totally compliment your looks.

As I write this, we at Kfashionug have come up with detailed information about shoes, bags, wallets and accessories made by KONA that will totally transform your life if you get to own them.

KONA is a fashion brand that makes products representing two beautiful cultures of India and Africa with tribal influences and a dash of fun and sprinkling of funk. This brand serves unique products and most of them are made in Uganda while some in India. In simple terms, you can say that, KONA is Africa being in love with India.

Lets take a look at their 5 bestselling fashion products that you might fall in love with.



KONA Shoes


These shoes are definitely made for the BOLD women who appreciate trends & are looking to be unique. In making these shoes, KONA was inspired by the colorful kitenge and went forward to apply modern design aesthetics. Would these shoes fit your personality? Well try them out!

KONA Shoes






KONA’s bags are made with an inspiration of tribal prints & geometric shapes. Most of their bags are created in shapes of SQUARE and CIRCLE where the latter Bags have become KONA’s signature pieces. The team at KONA paid tribute to the tribal clutch & CIRCLE bag when they collaborated with KWESH for the Kampala Fashion Week 2015. The square clutch was also the very bag that DIANA OPTI picked for her 100 DAYS OF AFRICAN FASHION.


3. 100% UG



Moving forward with our list, KONA has a special line in which they create luxury products sourced, designed, inspired & made in Uganda. For this particular line, KONA draws inspiration from Ugandan heritage like the cow horn from the Ankole cows and Fish leather from Jinja to locally sourced cow hides etc. This line is for people who appreciate the Natural products KONA uses & appreciate the story of its origin!


KONA alsocreates jewellery from horns as seen below. The jewellery was also showcased at the KFW 2015.

KONA Necklace




KONA Phone Wallets

Handbags can be bulky to carry everywhere but KONA phone wallets make it simple for girls who want to grab whatever they can and go to their aspired destination without wasting time. For a girl, sometimes you might just feel like grabbing & going. Interesting enough, these wallets come in lots of fun colors and they are minimalistic on the outside but pop when you open them. Very handy and one of KONA’s bestsellers.



men;s wallets


If you are a man, dont feel left out. KONA has added something for you. With each addition in the last 2 years, KONA has strived to create an accessories’ brand that truly has a 360 approach. From their TIE LATTES brewed for men to their wallets that have been widely well received. Funny story behind the TIE LATTE is that, KONA found it difficult to find some decent tie packaging, which lead them to think outside the BOX.



KONA wallets


KONA means corner in Swahili, Hindi and Luganda. With KONA, you will get the best of both the African vibrancy and Indian ethnicity and their products range from shoes, bags, wallets, textiles, patterns, beading and embellishments, from both places of inspiration.


You can get in touch with KONA;


Plot 43, Opposite Alliance Franaise, Bukoto Street, Kampala Uganda.

Their products are also available at : Bold, Acacia Mall, Kampala

Online :


FACEBOOK: thekona

INSTAGRAM: thekona


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