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12 Marvellous Dressing Ideas for Curvy Women

Being amongst curvy women shouldn’t limit your fashion choices. As long as you wear clothes that fit well, regardless of the size listed on the tag, in styles and colours, you will have a new appreciation for how beautiful your body is. Remember that some people undertake harsh workout treatments to get what you’ve got naturally.

So, before starting off with this list of dressing ideas make sure you fully embrace and start to love your curves. Dont forget to wear seamless lingerie and nudes; its not the sexiest thing but it really helps the silhouette of the clothes. You will avoid unsightly lines.

This is for you, Curvy Women!


1. Pattern mixing: black and white polka dots rock on curvy women.

Curvy women
Credit: Grown and Curvy Woman


2. Curvy and fashionable

Curvy women
Credit: Fuck Yeah Plus Size


3. Showing curves and confidence | Inspiring Curvy Women One Outfit At A Time: Weekend Wear: Diva Skinny Pant.

Curvy women
Credit: Shea Pedro | Pinterest showing


4. Peplum Chic

Curvy women
Credit:Chic Couture


5.Try putting on bold colours and pairing them together to create a colour contrast.

This contrast brings about a fun, chic and unexpected look that can so easily be assembled. We recommend this for all the bold Curvy women out there. Even to those planning to be bold.Curvy women


6. White hot and ready to party:

This Taryn curvy women dress features a sultry sweetheart neckline and sheer lace panels at the waist.

Curvy women
Buy outfit from: Fashion to Figure



7.Are you among curvy women who never feel less confident due to your curves?

You should definitely wear such dresses that flaunt your curves sexily.

Curvy women
Credit: Greenorc


8.This will make you look less bulky.

Remember that fabric selection is an important decision for your styling even when you are out exercising.

Curvy women


9.Having a high fashion partythis year?

Well, imagine yourself at a poolside party in this piece sipping on a glass of Chardonnay.

Curvy women
Credit: The Curvy Fashionista


10. Ripped jeans. Yeey!

Curvy women

Credit: Big Belles Women


11.White and Black.

Curvy women
Credit: Garner Style

12. Last but not least, try wearing boohoo mesh panelpointed heels, plunge bra,skinny pantsand sheer overlay.

Curvy women
Credit: Nadia Aboulhosn


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